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B Modern Homes

B Modern Homes

The brief:

Brand Identity | Website Development  | Brochure Design | Social Media Content & Community Management

Over 12+ months, By Chantze collaborated with B Modern Homes to establish a brand for an entirely new home builder company. Initially approached to create the brand identity, By Chantze worked closely with the clients who had a specific name and a vivid vision for the branding, including logo mock-ups and preferred colours. These concepts were refined into a contemporary, simple, yet effective brand identity.

Subsequent to the brand identity development, a simple yet comprehensive 6-page website was created, complete with carefully crafted copy, content, and SEO optimization.

Simultaneously, social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) were set up. With the foundational setup complete, a Social Media Content Plan was devised. Original content was created, and community management was introduced across all three platforms to ensure a cohesive and engaging online presence.

This comprehensive approach aimed at establishing a strong and unified brand image for B Modern Homes.

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