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Infinite Homes

Infinite Homes

The brief:

Rebrand | Collateral Design | Website Development | Social Media Content Plan + Paid Ad Management.

Project Overview: By Chantze was engaged to complete a full-service range of marketing initiatives for Infinite Homes, including a thorough rebrand aimed at establishing itself as a relatively new brand to the industry, whilst appealing to its intended audience.

Rebrand: Upon completion of the initial marketing plan and thorough research into Infinite Homes' ideal customer base, it became evident that the original branding required refinement to better connect with its target market. We introduced a palette of contemporary and softer colors, carefully avoiding extremes of masculinity or femininity. Additionally, we updated the font pairing to a more contemporary style. Overall, these changes elevated the brand to a more modern, approachable, and fitting aesthetic.

Website Development: A new website was designed and developed to reflect the essence of the updated brand. The site features a user-friendly design, effectively showcasing Infinite Homes' designs, processes, inclusions, promotions, contact details, and company overview.

Social Media Strategy: By Chantze devised a solid social media content plan tailored to Infinite Homes' target audience. Through a mix of paid and organic content on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the brand's visibility was heightened. The content plan covers various topics aligned with Infinite Homes' messaging pillars.

Content Creation and Design: A photo and video shoot of their two double storey displays at HomeWorld, Leppington was conducted to capture compelling visual content for both print and digital marketing. Additionally, we designed a complete suite of collateral materials, including Display Home Guides, Inclusions Brochures, House & Land Flyers, and Promotional documents, all showcasing the new brand identity and photography.

Planning and Strategy: In addition to the social media content plan, By Chantze developed an annual Marketing Plan to strategically outline Infinite Homes' marketing efforts for the next 12 months. This plan provides a tactical roadmap for executing targeted marketing campaigns and achieving key business objectives.

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