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Robex Group

Robex Group

The brief:

Rebrand | Collateral Design

Industry: Construction | Maintenance | Earthworks | Landscaping

Project Overview: At the outset, the team at Robex Group enlisted my services to create some basic marketing materials and a website. As is often the case with clients, I found that no Brand Guidelines had been established. Leveraging their existing logo design, we made minor adjustments and fully developed their brand, complete with guidelines, templates, vehicle wraps, and a pair of services brochures/flyers.

Rebranding: We started by understanding Robex Group's market and audience. Our goal was to give them a fresh, contemporary look while staying true to their expertise and professionalism. They wanted to keep their vibrant purple so we added supplementary colours that maintained the same level of vibrancy whilst having a connection to their industry and services.

Collateral Design: We designed a simple 4-page brochure that showcases Robex Group's services in a clear and appealing way. It's a handy guide for potential clients to understand what they offer. We also developed a double-sided flyer for door-to-door/mailbox-style distribution.

Outcome: The rebranding and new collateral give Robex Group a modern, approachable image that reflects their capabilities. These materials help them stand out in the competitive construction and maintenance industry, making it easier for clients to see what they're all about.

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